Simply Breathtaking France

When we hear about France the first thing that comes to mind is the majestic Eiffel Tower, but the reality is that the European country hides many charms from north to south that will make you want to stay there forever.

Its city is living history, every monument, museum, palace and even streets have a story to tell as if it were not enough you can enjoy incredible gastronomy consisting of wines, cheeses, sweets, and cold cuts.

If you are already feeling a little convinced, we talk about some places that you have to visit so that you delight with all the charms that France offers you.

  • If you are looking to soak up some sun, enjoy some sea and a mild climate, a good option should be The Blue Coast, this is made up of Cannes, Nice, Saint Raphael, and Saint-Tropez, this place you can spend unforgettable days.
  • If you want to walk streets that remind you of a medieval village, you should visit Carcassonne, when you visit you will feel that time stopped and stayed at an earlier time. Its old town is protected by a double wall of 3 kilometers consisting of 52 towers and 2 enclosures. In addition to its incredible structure, inside you will find a theater created in 1908 where every summer the Citadel Festival is held.
  • Traveling with children? Perfect, it’s time for everyone to sweeten their souls and be kids again on an unforgettable visit to Disneyland Paris. It’s an unreal and perfect world that will make the experience a dream.
  • If you are a sports lover and what you are looking for is where to practice it, your place is Champagne-Ardennes, in this region, you can have horseback riding, hiking, nautical activities, or just enjoy national parks or its large lakes. You can also experience one of the best things to do and is to visit some Champagne winery and try the most appending sparkling drink.
  • We can’t fail to name Paris, one of the most iconic cities in France, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Museum Orsay, Champs-Elysées, Montmartre, are just some amazing places you could visit. Paris is considered the city of fashion but also of shopping, art, and gastronomy so it will be impossible to get bored.
  • All the landscapes in France look like they’re taken out of a painting, but surely one of the best is those that have a lavender field in it. In French Provence you can enjoy the largest field of lavender, these bloom between June and September, not only the view is amazing but the smell that cures everything.
  • Enjoy the gastronomy of all the places you visit, France boasts one of the best cuisines in the world and that’s something you can’t miss. Don’t just try to taste, try to take a quick-cooking class.

These are just a few things you can do in France, you’d need your whole life to know all the wonders that this place includes, but it’s never too late to start so follow your instinct and enjoy everything.

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